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How to Clean Solid Wood Furniture

There are many things that will collect on the surface of wood finishes. Such as cooking oils and fumes, fingerprints, dust, and smoking residue. Generally a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth will be all you need to clean the finish. If a cleaner is required, use only a very mild soap and wipe dry. A high quality furniture polish may be used occasionally. Apply polish with a soft cloth following manufacturer's instructions. Avoid the use of silicone polishes as they may damage the wood finish if used over a period of time. Your local furniture store or hardware may carry Guardsman Furniture Polish (recommended for fine wood finishes).

The Benefits of our Fine Furniture Finish

Conversion Varnish is the most commonly used finish used in the high-end furniture market. When properly applied and cared for, the beauty of your furniture's finish will be enjoyed for many generations. Conversion Varnish has excellent resistance to foods, beverages and common household chemicals. However to maintain the beautiful appearance of your furniture, a few care guidelines must be followed.

  • Excessive waxing can cause moisture from a beverage can or glass to leave a milky white ring on the surface.
  • Do not use cleaners containing bleach.
  • Avoid cleaners with abrasives, they may scratch the finish.
  • Do not allow cleaners containing ammonia to come in contact with your furniture's finish. Ammonia may turn oak black and painted pieces yellow.
  • Dyes and inks may discolor the finish. The ink and dyes from newsprint and plastic bags may penetrate into the finish when moist.
  • Conversion Varnish offers a very hard mar resistant surface, but like any finish, it may still be scratched or damaged if not cared for properly.
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